Music has always been important in Giulia’s life, thanks to her grandfather, who was a musician, and to the more-than-ten-year studies of guitar and dancing. As a teenager, she was one of the first light-dj women in Italy; at the same time, she achieved a degree in Psychology – “Behavioral sciences and social and interpersonal relationships”.
Giulia Regain is an eclectic and creative artist; a pioneer, who loves thrilling people with her djset&show of the #Gmagic Tour and its “magic atmospheres” by roaming freely among the different musical genres. Music means “love, freedom, energy and sharing” to her.
Her career has been a constant artistic evolution, represented by the concept of “Regain”, meaning “Restart, Re-conquer, and win back”.
Her journey begun in 2005 with the choice of vinyl and playing “House Music” in several clubs during the coolest parties, expressing herself with a sound that she herself named “Tech Sex House”. Least bat not last, she also produced and plaid genres like chill out and lounge.
In 2006 after playing all around Italy, as a dj, she also started performing abroad: Ibiza, Mykonos, New York, Miami, Montecarlo, Geneva, Lugano, St. Moritz, Megève, Courmayeur and Tirana being known in Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Kosovo, Latvia, Mexico, Mauritius and many countries of North Africa and East Europe.
She’s also founder of a women’s group named “Satin Girls Show” composed by singers, violinists, saxophonists, dancers, trapeze artists and PRS; a “Female Made in Italy” project, with an “elegant and angelic” style, the same style that has lead her all around Italy, Europe and Tunisia.
In 2007 Giulia started carrying on her passion: as a producer she recorded her “Feel It”, published with her own discographic label – the “2DJs4LOVE Records”. Many of her works can be found on ITunes, Beatport and Spotify.
2009 is a very important year for Giulia, she received important prizes such as the “Top Dj Girl Italia” for the “Trend Awards”, or the “Best Female European Dj for “Pink Armada” in Portugal, where she caught the attention of Pioneer’s jury.
In 2011, Giulia became Pioneer Testimonial & Ambassador and opened her blog “the perfect mix dj” dealing with fashion, music and technology.
In 2012 she has been the face and testimonial of several fashion and hairstyles brands.
Since 2014 her mixings can be listened to on her “#Gmagic Radio Show”, a downloadable official Podcast on Itunes (or on the App ” DJ Giulia Regain”).
Giulia’s style is extremely tasteful, yet energetic, full of charisma and elegance, in life as when playing on a console. These characteristics can be found, as well, in her classy shows, that’s why she is required for private luxury parties.
Well-known boutiques, brands, luxury Hotels, have chosen to cooperate with her: Maserati, Bulgari, Rolex, Laurent Perrier, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Martini, Campari, Mario Valentino, and Vogue Fashion Night, Hotel De Paris (montecarlo), Hotel Danieli (Venice), Hotel Boscolo (Milan), Hotel Romazzino (Porto Cervo), Palace Hotel (Milano Marittima), WMC (Miami) and starred restaurant like Cienna (New York), Bal Harbour (Sardinia), Palazzo Corsini (Florence) and many others.
In 2016 Giulia becomes Testimonial & Ambassador for the Company Logli Massimo SpA.
Currently, she’s placed #55 in the world list of the 100 women djs on and on .
Find out her #Gmagic world on her website ! ì

“Thanks to the Music I discovered my Essence: The Elegance”

“Even in the butterfly’s heartbeat, there’s music. Just listen”